3 powerful insights for super compelling Orlando Video Marketing

Video marketing has exploded in both popularity and effectiveness as high-speed mobile connections are increasingly prevalent today. And, the stats on video marketing’s effectiveness are staggering. According to Google, 81% of the time a marketing video gets most, if not all of the viewer’s attention.

This means getting your marketing video right is more important today than ever before. We break down 3 powerful insights that you can use to create super compelling video marketing campaigns.

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Story is Key

There are some basic ideas that you should follow in order to create a compelling story in your marketing video. First, you have to be honest with your audience. If you over exaggerate or incorporate fluff testimonials, the audience will be able to tell. Additionally, you have to show rather than tell.

To increase your audience’s emotional investment in your story, let them see your story unfold in the video. The company story should be short and precise to portray a clear central message.

Just the same as any major production, the story behind your video is key. The internet is saturated with content from every type of marketer our there. If you want to stand out and capture the limited attention of your prospects, your marketing video should tell an interesting story. Many companies today assume video marketing is about cramming in facts in a simple clip and putting it on their website.

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In an online landscape where there is so much content that is competing for people’s attention, that won’t suffice. Your video must convey a story that is interesting, convincing, and memorable. A well-structured story makes your video more engaging and inspiring, and it can endear your product to your audience.

“Vibrant was quick, flexible, and willing to work in a fast-paced environment. We first started working with them in Orlando at a conference and have now flown them all over the world to capture video content in Germany, Austin, Las Vegas, and California.

As a CMO who’s been doing marketing for over 20 years, I’ve never found a better group to work with. I highly recommend VMP!”

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“We’ve hired Vibrant and re-hired and re-hired them again – because they’re unbelievably good at capturing the true vibe of our events, connecting with our clients, and finishing ahead of schedule and on budget.

We’ve flown them to our events around the country rather than find a local team. We’ll never use anyone else.”

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Target Audience Alignment

The success of your video marketing strategy will, for the most part, depend on how well you understand your target audience. When you create a marketing video, you must have a target audience in mind and should ensure that their interests are incorporated in the video. For example, a video that’s aimed at stay at home moms should look and feel different from one that’s aimed at millennials.

Before embarking on a video marketing campaign, do some marketing research and determine what your target demographics are, then ensure that the message in your video is conveyed in a way that they would find interesting. Most established companies have buyer personas’ for their various products, so they won’t have to start their marketing research from scratch. You can use focus groups to test how your target audience will respond to aspects of your video even before creating it. If there’s a disconnect between the content of your video and the interests of your target demographic, you will have a difficult time retaining their attention and converting viewers into leads, so make sure you do thorough research before creating the video.

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Text CTAs are a great option if you want to pass across information that could potentially be unclear if it was spoken (e.g. website URLs, phone numbers, and promo-codes). Today, more platforms support embedded buttons that allow users to click through to whatever you are linking to. Call-to-action buttons are very convenient because they enable your audience to respond to your request with just one click. You can use buttons in your video to get people to watch your other videos, contact you, or make purchases.

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A Clear, Powerful Call to Action or Tangible Goal

What was your motivation for investing in a marketing video? It could be that you wanted to drive traffic to your website, to sell a product, or even to get people to call your business. A call-to-action is your chance to achieve the goals you had in mind. Creating a call-to-action allows you to define what video marketing success looks like for your particular campaign.

There are three popular ways of including a call to action (CTA) in a video. You can incorporate a vocal CTA, a text CTA, or a CTA in the form of a button. If your marketing video has a narrator or presenter, you should include a vocal call-to-action towards the end of the video. The person (or voiceover) in your video should invite the audience to take a certain action (e.g. leave a comment, visit your website, etc.). A text CTA involves adding a title or caption to your video with specific instructions to your audience.

It’s okay to use all three CTA techniques in a single video, but you should be careful not to overdo it. The last thing you want is to make your audience feel as though they are being pestered to take a certain action.

Make sure to hire a qualified and professional Orlando video production company such as Vibrant Media Productions to produce your company videos. This will ensure you get the best bang for your buck and will provide you with a high return on investment.

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