3 Reasons to utilize Orlando Video Production at your next corporate event

Holding a corporate event without a video production crew is like having a wedding without a photographer. Successful corporate events paint companies in their best light, and failing to capture those events means missing out on a great opportunity to document your company’s most flattering moments.

The video footage shot during such events can come in handy in many ways in the future. Corporate event video production is a worthwhile investment irrespective of the size of your company or the nature of its business. Below are 3 Reasons why your company should include Orlando Video Production at your next corporate event.

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Capturing company culture through professional video production

To grow the reputation of your company, you should seize every opportunity to showcase its culture, and filming corporate events is a great place to start. During events, it’s common for employees of different titles and ranks to freely interact in a social setting, and having a video production team present to capture those moments of camaraderie is invaluable. That footage can be later used to create a company culture video that comes across as candid and authentic. Culture videos that show genuine interactions between employees and upper management can help boost the morale of current employees, and can also help to attract high-quality candidates for open positions in the company.

Different types of corporate events can showcase different aspects of your company culture. For example, footage from an internal award banquet can show the world that your company cherishes and rewards its employees. Footage from charity functions sponsored by your company can show that you care about the community. Videos of galas and retreats can show your company’s dedication to team building and teamwork. Footage from seminars and conferences can show that your company is focused on employee training for the purpose of improving the quality of service delivery. Without video production at all these events, important depictions of your company culture will be lost.

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“Vibrant was quick, flexible, and willing to work in a fast-paced environment. We first started working with them in Orlando at a conference and have now flown them all over the world to capture video content in Germany, Austin, Las Vegas, and California.

As a CMO who’s been doing marketing for over 20 years, I’ve never found a better group to work with. I highly recommend VMP!”

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“We’ve hired Vibrant and re-hired and re-hired them again – because they’re unbelievably good at capturing the true vibe of our events, connecting with our clients, and finishing ahead of schedule and on budget.

We’ve flown them to our events around the country rather than find a local team. We’ll never use anyone else.”

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Showing customers another side of your brand

It’s very easy to repurpose corporate event videos for marketing purposes. Fun parts of those events can be posted on social media and other platforms. This can engage lots of potential customers online, particularly, those who are interested in having a better understanding of your brand. Footage from corporate events showcases the human side of your brand. Your customers only get to use your services or to buy your finished products, but they never get to see what goes on behind the curtains. When you share event videos online, your prospective customers will see that your company is made up of people just like them, and this helps them relate with your brand, to connect emotionally, and this can enhance customer loyalty.

Many companies fail to fully utilize the event page on their websites. Ideally, this page should be filled with video footage from past corporate events because that’s good for the company’s brand. According to a recent report, marketing researchers have found that when prospective customers enjoy watching short highlight videos from a particular company, their brand association increases by about 139%, and their intention of purchasing products from that company increases by 77%.

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Shaping the story about your company

Every company needs to tell a story that will help them connect with people, gain the trust of the public, and create a sense of kinship between their brand and prospective customers and clients. A good brand story is supposed to take people on a journey through the inner workings of your company. People are often inspired by stories about innovation, hard work, and success, and corporate event videos can be used to advance those narratives.

You should take control of your company’s narrative instead of relying on other parties such as the media to shape your story for you. When people try to know more about your company by doing an online video search, they should be able to find tons of corporate videos that flatter your company’s image.

During your next corporate event, don’t let a great opportunity go to waste. Make sure to have a professional Orlando video production company capture everything, because that footage is extremely valuable, even if used in the future. Having a professional filming and editing the best moments from your corporate event will go a long way.

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