4 Important Elements To Creating A Dynamic Live Event Video

Your company can benefit from the use of live event videos in several different ways. Professionally produced live event videos can be valuable marketing tools in a number of ways. You can use them as promotional materials, for internal communications to foster company culture, or you can use them to attract prospective employees.

Live event videos can provide high-quality content for your website or exciting footage that you can use in social media campaigns. These types of videos are very versatile, which is why it’s important that you do everything you can to make them great. Here are 4 important elements to creating a dynamic live event video.

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Planning helps the production company (and you by extension) to figure out what you are going to need, what adjustments you need to make to the venue, and it helps when it comes to estimating how much the whole video project is going to cost.

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Upfront planning is important

Just because an event is live doesn’t mean that it’s capture shouldn’t be thoroughly planned. When you hire a reputable and qualified video production company to film your event, they’ll want to know the location and the exact venue where the event is to be hosted. They’ll need to know what activities will take place, and the exact timing of each activity. They’ll also need to know what parts of the event are the most important for your target audience.

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This information allows the production company to understand your priorities so that when they come to shoot the event, they’ll capture everything, just the way you want it. It also enables them to understand exactly what kind of equipment they’ll need for the event, and where and how they need to set up their equipment in order to capture the best possible shots of the event. Experienced video producers will take a walk around the venue to assess the lighting situation, to figure out the best camera angles, and to anticipate other factors that may affect the video shoot.

“I worked with Vibrant Media Productions in Orlando recently and I have to say, not only did they meet my expectations, they truly exceeded them. The principals are true professionals, easy to work with are highly creative in their suggestions to their clients.

I’ve worked with many companies that offer the same services as VMP, but never a company that was as thorough, detail oriented and timely as they were. Thanks so much for helping to make our event a success! The footage is amazing! Above and beyond service.”

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“We’ve hired Vibrant and re-hired and re-hired them again – because they’re unbelievably good at capturing the true vibe of our events, connecting with our clients, and finishing ahead of schedule and on budget.We’ve flown them to our events around the country rather than find a local team. We’ll never use anyone else.”

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“Vibrant was quick, flexible, and willing to work in a fast-paced environment. We first started working with them in Orlando at a conference and have now flown them all over the world to capture video content in Germany, Austin, Las Vegas, and California.As a CMO who’s been doing marketing for over 20 years, I’ve never found a better group to work with. I highly recommend VMP!”

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“Vibrant Media Productions feels like a true extension of our team, that’s how well we’ve worked together. We’ve done multiple projects with the team and in all cases they were highly responsive and provided valuable feedback/suggestions.

We will definitely work with Vibrant Media again in the future. I would recommend them without hesitation to any organization searching for video production expertise.”

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When working with an Orlando video production company, you have to ensure that they gain full access to the people and the places they need to in order to make a dynamic live event video. That means that you need to provide them with passes to get wherever they need to during the event.

It also means that you have to inform your employees and managers to cooperate with the production team in case they need to be interviewed during the event. You may also need to provide your videographers with a list of key personnel who need to be featured in the live event video, and you can help them schedule interviews during the event (interviews are often done on the sidelines of live events or in separate interview rooms).

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Great live event videos have equally great audio

Audio quality is one of the biggest factors that affect the quality of live event videos, so make sure you work with a production company that can provide any supplementary audio equipment that you might require. Experienced video producers will be able to assess your AV needs during the planning stage, to tap into a live feed with backup audio channels. They’ll take a look at the venue and tell you exactly what you need to generate great audio for your live audience. They’ll also bring in the equipment and run audio tests before the actual event to reduce the likelihood of any unpleasant surprises that could crop up when the event is underway.

B-roll footage

A dynamic live event video comes to life with additional footage known as B-roll. In a live event video, there is a story that is being told, and B-roll footage adds context and depth to that story. The experienced team at Vibrant Media Productions will take various creative shots that establish the setting and the scenery of the event, which will help the viewers truly understand what it was like to be at the event.

They’ll also capture close-up shots of people at the event to capture their reactions to crucial parts of the event proceedings. B-roll footage makes you event video far more captivating and therefore more effective, no matter the end-use.

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