5 Concepts that make an effective product video

Product videos can be an invaluable asset to any business and are usually created for the purpose of demonstrating how particular products work. They highlight the features of a product and explain its benefits in a non-technical. Professionally edited product videos let ordinary consumers better understand how a product functions, and how it can improve their lives.

Videos outperform all other types of content when it comes to boosting conversion rates, and scientists have found that prospective customers are more likely to retain information that they receive through video than from any other sources.

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This is because both the visual and auditory senses are engaged when watching a video. For these reasons, product videos are effective marketing tools, and every business should utilize them. Here are 5 concepts that make an effective product video.

Focusing on key differentiating features & benefits

When discussing a product’s features, it is important to focus on the specific key features that set your product apart from other available products on the market. The people watching your product videos should be able to understand how the product works, but they should also get why your product is unique.

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Most of all, viewers should walk away understanding why it is superior to competing products. For example, if your product is a pen, the features and benefits that you should highlight in your product video should be those that other pens don’t have.

The goal is that anyone who sees the video should be inclined to purchase your particular brand of product. If it’s a new version of an old product, the video should focus on the latest features and leave out the ones that everyone is already familiar with.

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Keeping it short and to the point

Brevity is important in a product video for a number of practical reasons. In the age of viral videos, it’s hard to hold the attention of most viewers for more than a few minutes. It’s therefore crucial that you pass across all the essential product information as fast as possible before interest is lost.

If you put your key selling points towards the end of a long video, chances are that many viewers will already be on their next web page, and they’ll never get to see that part. Product videos should be straight to the point, and they should leave out any unnecessary details.

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All shots should be steady, and the sound should be robust and well balanced. This means taking close-up and flattering shots of the product so that viewers can get a proper look at all the features that you want to extol. Great video editing is also crucial if you want your product video to come across as professional and authoritative.

For example, Vibrant Media Productions, one of Upcity’s “Top Video Production Companies in Orlando“, has greatly helped companies increase sales by creating cinematic and professionally edited product promo videos. Research shows that consumers are up to three times more likely to buy a product online that has a video vs one that does not.

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Overall Product Line Promo Video:

Being genuine and authentic

People can tell when they are being sold, and most of them don’t like it. Although the point of the video is to illustrate the positive aspects of your product, it would be counterproductive to exaggerate its qualities. When creating the video script, avoid excessive salesmanship and focus on the facts and features.

If you want to convince your viewer to buy your product, the tone of voice and the body language of whoever is presenting the product should come across as confident and honest.

Putting in the time and money to make the product shine

When making a product video, it pays to hire an established Orlando Video Production company. It may be tempting to go for the cheapest option that’s at your disposal, but this will typically end up reflecting poorly on your brand and product.

Hire professionals who can shoot the video professionally and dynamically. Work with people who understand how production lighting works to avoid a dimly lit video or harsh and inconvenient shadows.

Putting in a call to action (CTA)

All the effort that goes into creating a great product video will be in vain if there is no clear and compelling call to action at the end of the video.

What should the viewers do after watching the video? Whether you want them to visit your website for more information, buy the product from a store near them, or order it online, you call to action should make it as easy as possible for them to do so.