5 Reasons to Use Orlando Video Production

If you have a business in Orlando, it’s time to start using video production to help boost sales or simply train employees. Here are 5 reasons videos work:

Digital marketing is a big, complex world. Between search engines, email campaigns, and on-page optimization, most businesses have their work cut out for them. To succeed, many will hire in-house employees or outsource services for research, analytics, and of course, content.

Unfortunately, some make the mistake of thinking the only content they need is copywriting. They are missing out on the many benefits of beautiful visuals.

Don’t be like them. Here’s why you need to have a qualified Orlando Video Production Team be a key part of your digital marketing strategy.

1. Be Memorable

When’s the last time you remembered all the parts of a book better than you could a movie? Unless you’re an avid bookworm, it’s probably been a while.

This is because visual content lasts longer in your memory than written words do. In fact, relevant pictures and videos can cause up to 55% more retention than hearing or reading something. With consumers scrolling through so much information each day, such a big difference matters. An Orlando video production clip can help you make sure you’re on the right side of this memory gap.

2. Share the Power of Great Results

If you aren’t already using testimonials as part of your digital marketing, start reaching out to previous clients. Testimonials have a significant effect on your search and conversion performance.

Don’t believe us?

Just ask the 85% of consumers who read up to ten reviews just to establish trust in a brand. On a local level, 39% of consumers check reviews to weed out the good establishments from those below average. Put simply, results matter; people want to know they can count on you to deliver.

When they watch testimonials, a past client’s claim becomes more convincing. Videos allow users who are doing their research to feel the emotion behind the results. People will be able to better see the value your products bring to consumers.

This goes for all kinds of industries, from auto and transportation to banking to travel.

3. Boost Your SEO Efforts

Another thing every company needs to take advantage of is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is how users find you online. Search engines like Google use bots and crawlers to match a person’s search to the most relevant content on the internet.

High quality video production content can improve your efforts in many ways.

Some benefits include:

Perform Better on Mobile

SEO has been around for a while, but mobile searches have recently surpassed those on desktops. This has caused many companies to take a look at responsive design and local keywords. But, you can’t forget about videos when it comes to mobile optimization.

When a user watches videos from their smartphone or tablet, they are almost twice as likely to feel a personal connection than watching it on TV or a desktop. Such results can lead to higher rates of brand recognition and loyalty.

Get More Shares on Social

Speaking of mobile users, most of them are on social media. An Orlando video production company’s content such as ours here at Vibrant Media Productions, can help you improve your performance on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When you post something with a video attached, people are more likely to engage.

You can use video to share a new product line or things going on behind the scenes. Maybe make a short clip to give users a virtual tour of your company or to share a personal welcome from the company’s executives.

Such content creates an experience that is more powerful than using words alone. It keeps the conversation fresh and exciting, no matter what the topic of your post is.

As a result, you can expect to see a rise in likes, comments, and shares.

This helps you deepen the connection with your current audience, and expand your reach to new users.

Reach Less Engaged Consumers

Some of the new users you pick up with video content might be people who don’t like to do much research.

These kinds of consumers want quick answers to their needs.

Videos are their preferred information solution. Such users would rather watch a 30-second clip than read a landing page with 500 words.

Give the people what they want with the help of an Orlando video production company. Your sales numbers will be glad you did.

4. Increase Conversions

How do videos lead to sales? In more ways than you might think.

Videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

This could be due to how well a video keeps someone engaged. It could also be thanks to the call to action included in the video.

Some companies incorporate a CTA  (Call-to-action) directly by having the person on the screen or the narrator say a command. The phrase used could be “click below to find out more” or “call us to get started.” Others use opt-ins as the CTA. Such a strategy involves placing a sign-up form on top of the video. The form pops up at some point during the video’s playtime for users to fill out.

Opt-ins are a great way to drive leads – which are potential consumers you can target and turn into sales. We specialize in creating videos with very strong call-to-actions and a high ROI.

5. Tell Your Brand’s Story

The common purpose of any content is to tell a story. Whether you’re sharing a client testimonial or releasing an expansion announcement, you have something to say.

Say it loud and clear with the help of a video. Videos convey emotion with a more relatable delivery than text can accomplish.

With this, you can better share all aspects of your brands. Users will be able to get a feel for your company values and culture. They will also build a stronger connection with your business as they watch more content.

Upgrade Your Marketing with Orlando Video Production

Stop wasting time and give your online marketing strategy the tool it’s been missing – professional video content.

You don’t have to go out and buy a camera or learn how to edit. Our team already has all the professional equipment and experience to create an engaging and dynamic experience for your audience.