Why You Should Advertise With Customer Testimonial Videos

It’s a common business practice to showcase the best customer reviews. They inform potential leads about the strengths of your business and prove the worth of investing in your services or products.

However, while written reviews are powerful, professionally produced testimonial videos can do much more.

Not sure if these videos work in your favor? Think they’re too expensive and time-consuming?

It’s time to rethink this, because video reviews are among the best tools to advertise your business and connect strongly with your audience. It all starts with the versatility of video content in terms of customer engagement on social media platforms.

Client Testimonial Sample Video

Orlando Video Production Video Testimonials

People Engage with Videos

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook and over 800 million accounts on Instagram. Both are popular platforms for sharing content. It takes less than a few minutes to click and share a post or video on Facebook so all your followers can see it.

Uncertain about the viability of this market strategy?

500 million people watch videos on Facebook per day. If that statistic doesn’t point to the strength of video content, take into consideration that 80% of online traffic in the next 4 years will be video content. That means the testimonial videos you make will spread like wildfire.

People Trust Customer Reviews

Wait, are customer reviews even worth investing in? Do people even care what others say about a product or service?

Customer testimonials will influence buying decisions over general advertising. This is because 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation. All of your traditional ads might not charm them, but a review from a fellow customer will work wonders.

Here’s how this works:

Most people assume that every advertisement only aims to make them purchase a product or service. On one hand, that statement is true, but it also means most customers fail to realize that the advertisement is telling the truth.

What if your business really offers the best in the field? What if you indeed offer big discounts for the first 100 customers? People won’t see the truth because they only focus on your intent of converting them into paying customers.

However, it all changes when they hear the same information from someone else, a customer who paid money and got what you advertised. That testimonial serves as proof of your word.

Videos Showcase Professional Quality

One of the best characteristics of well-produced video testimonials is that they give your company a much higher level of professionalism.

Professional video quality helps you stay ahead of your competition. Their site might have the usual blog content and their marketing campaign relies on typical written posts with stock photos.

Customers tend to flock to companies that show their prestige. Professionalism in this way forms a bond and trust that no other content can emulate.

This is why you need professional Orlando Video Production services.

Instead of going the DIY route, which will only net you amateur results, it’s best to rely on the experts who can help you produce high-quality videos. They are genuine, ensuring viewers believe what the person in the video says, but also showcase the level of professionalism and quality your company goes for.

Videos Connect on an Emotional Level

If you try to shove facts at people, they won’t pay attention. People use their emotions to shop and justify their expenses with logic, not the other way around.

One popular example is JC Penny’s campaign to end fake prices and discounts. They tried to show all their products with their true price tag. This meant a pair of jeans costing $30 really cost that much.

In comparison, other companies and shops will cheat. They’ll say a pair of jeans cost $50 but due to a limited discount offer, they’re now $30. However, those jeans never cost $50 and the shop is selling them at their full $30 value.

What happened to JC Penny? They lost money. People saw the full price tag and didn’t get the same kind of satisfaction they get when they buy things labeled with a discount tag.

In return, JC Penny brought back fake prices and coupons to give buyers that emotional triumph again.

This works in relation to testimonial videos too. They feed heavily on people’s emotions and this pushes them to become paying customers by building trust.

Client Testimonial Videos

Get the Best Orlando Video Production Crew Today

Don’t wait for the competition to use video testimonials to their advantage. Make the first move and contact your best customers today. They will likely share great experiences they’ve had with your company. This shared info will convince other people to flock to your products and services.

Of course, good testimonials will work best with professional production value. As stated, people often judge according to looks.

That’s where we can help.

Look no further if you want the best video production services in Orlando, FL. Feel free to give us a call and we can guarantee you the best testimonial videos possible. You might be one video review away from major business success.