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How To Create Engaging Client Testimonial Videos

Marketing experts have known for decades that irrespective of what medium is being used, the most persuasive sales messages are those that come from other clients or customers who are satisfied with the product or service. Marketing data (Via Forbes) over the past couple of decades has consistently shown that videos are more powerful than other forms of content when it comes to marketing.

This means that client testimonial videos might, in fact, be the holy grail of marketing materials. Every business should invest in them.

Why client testimonial videos are important

A client testimonial video can help potential clients see how great your business is, or how well it’s doing. When you use your own staff or hired influencers in marketing videos, potential clients may be inclined to trust you, but they’ll take the claims you make with a grain of salt. However, when you use clients or customers who have no affiliation with your company, prospective clients are more likely to fully trust your company.

A client testimonial video offers social proof, which is known to be one of the most powerful decision-making factors. Marketing studies indicate that customer reviews and other forms of consumer-generated marketing content are seen by potential customers and clients as proof that a product or service works as advertised and that it can indeed be beneficial to them.

When it comes to companies that offer specialized services, customer testimonial videos allow the potential customers to see how a company has helped other people. This helps them arrive at the conclusion that their problems can also be solved if they used the company’s services.

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Engaging client testimonial videos are short, but to the point

Brevity is crucial when you are using videos for marketing purposes. The same principle applies when you are dealing with client testimonial videos. The idea is to get the message across within the shortest time possible. When making the video, have your clients stay away from long, winding personal stories. Ensure they focus on the main benefits that they reaped, or the main selling points of your product or service.

Having clients tell the story

To make a great client testimonial video, let the clients tell their own stories. People tend to connect with stories, more so if those stories reflect their own personal experiences. The client story should follow a simple structure:

First, have the clients tell the story of what it was like for them before they worked with your business, or before they used your products or services. This part of the story will capture the attention of potential customers because the problems highlighted by the client in the testimonial will be similar to the problems that they are dealing with at the moment.

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Secondly, have the clients tell the story of their experience during the time they worked with your business, or used your products and services. If they dealt directly with your staff, have them talk about how well those interactions went. If there were procedures and process that had to be followed, have them talk about the steps they had to take. The point here is to indicate to the potential clients that they should expect to have a positive and smooth experience working with your company.

Finally, have your clients talk about the end result of working with your company. Let them talk about the benefits they received, how your products and services affected their lives etc.

Make sure that the entire story is told in an engaging format. It’s okay to provide your clients with a template that they can use to make their story more structured and engaging, but don’t provide them with scripts. If you write the stories for them, the viewers will be able to tell, and the testimonial video will come across as insincere.

Having a client mention real tangible results if possible

It’s always better to use real results, and any tangible proof that a client may have. Potential customers trust client testimonial videos but that trust can be increased if there is proof to back up the claims. If possible, have the clients showcase real tangible results and have them explain how those results can be attributed to your business. This sort of proof is especially important if you have B2B clients. If you provide products or services to other businesses, they are going to need to see empirical data proving any claims made in the testimonial video.

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