Creating Highly Effective Recruitment Videos

Videos are a highly important tool when it comes to recruitment. Not only for attracting quality candidates, but also for persuading them once a company has a candidate in mind. In fact, a recruitment video can increase your online visibility among talented candidates who are hunting for jobs, and as a result, your company can get more great applicants to pick from.

A recruitment video also helps make sure that the people who apply for the job fit within your company culture because only those who like the video will apply. In the grand scheme of things, it can save you a lot of time and money while ensuring you hire the perfect person for the job.

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The point is to sell the best version of the company, but you also want to remain true to the day to day realities of working for the company. You want candidates to be enticed by the great parts of your company, but you don’t want them to have any misconceptions about what they are going to be doing, how demanding the job is going to be, or how serious the company is about certain aspects of its culture.

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The initial recruitment video

If you are making a series of recruiting videos, you want the first one to showcase the great things about your company so that candidates will be interested enough to learn more about the company on their own. From the outside looking in, you want your potential hires to see that your company is the perfect place for them to work.

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An effective recruitment video should make it possible for potential candidates to imagine themselves at the company as part of the team. In other words, it should enable them to understand what a day in the life of an employee of your company is like. In as much as the recruitment video is supposed to attract good candidates, it’s also supposed to weed out bad candidates, so if you accurately convey the working conditions at the company, the bad candidates won’t even bother to apply. This saves you from having to waste time and money hiring candidates who could end up getting overwhelmed because of “culture shock” once they get to the company.

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Future recruitment videos

After rolling out initial recruitment videos, subsequent recruitment videos should be created with the intent of persuading candidates to work for the company. Now that the candidates are already aware of the culture, and they are thinking about possibly joining your company (with varying levels of seriousness), your goal is to push them over the fence and convince them to sign on. In these videos, you have to go into the specifics and explain what sets you apart from your competitors, so ask yourself “What does my company offer that no other company does?”

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Company Culture / Recruitment

In the video, your company can focus on the pay and the benefits that your employees will get. If the pay you are offering is slightly higher than average, or even if it’s just competitive, make sure that you sell it as a positive. As for the benefits, you can focus on those that distinguish your company from others. Are you offering lucrative stock options? Do you have a daycare or a gym on the premises? Is your medical coverage more comprehensive? It doesn’t matter how small the benefit may seem; it could be the one thing that certain candidates are find attractive. Some companies have had success in hiring desirable candidates just by highlighting their free coffee and snack stations.

These videos are great to send to candidates who already have some interest in the company. If you have already shortlisted several candidates, you can email a copy of the video directly to them. If they are few candidates (and if you are looking to recruit a high ranking executive), you may be able to get your production team to edit the video so that each candidate gets a personalized copy. You may also choose to put the video on the job application page of your company website so that candidates can see it as they are filling in their applications.

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