What Can VMP Do for You?
An IGEL Technology Case Study

IGEL Technology is a German-based company specializing in software and hardware solutions for End Point Management. Their secure, software-defined endpoint management platform can be seamlessly integrated into and tailored for any industry.

Their success in Germany prompted them to consider expanding their operations to the United States. This move was not without its share of challenges, however. One such challenge was brand recognition.

Although IGEL is extremely well known in Germany, their brand was not yet familiar to a U.S. market. IGEL needed a company with the ability to help increase their market share creatively, quickly, and most of all, effectively.

IGEL Expands to USA with a heavy marketing push

Vibrant Media Productions incorporated a multi-faceted video strategy to help IGEL branch out to an overseas market. In just the past two years, VMP has produced over 600+ short videos, including many partner and customer testimonials. These videos are constantly shared organically (by employees, partners, and customers) as well as sponsored posts on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

On top of placing the videos on separate pages within their expansive website, they also utilize a full transcription document to help boost the SEO-rich content to the search engines.

“Vibrant was quick, flexible, and willing to work in a fast-paced environment. We first started working with them in Orlando at a conference and have now flown them all over the world to capture video/photo content in Germany, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, Las Vegas, and California. Over the course of our partnership, they have produced 600+ videos and have had a very strong ROI for us.

As a CEO who’s been doing marketing for over 20 years, I’ve never found a better group to work with. I highly recommend VMP!”

Video Testimonial Interview from Jed

On the IGEL Technology site and YouTube channel you can find a large library of videos (600+) we have produced for them, mainly targeted customer testimonials from their clients.

IGEL - Global Map

“Social Card” graphics are created for each and every client testimonial video we produce (see below).

In a testimonial video, IGEL credits VMP with the massive boost to their video SEO (search engine optimization) which has resulted in an incredible ROI for the company.

IGEL has seen a colossal market share increase from 1% to 15%+ and are now competing in the same space as U.S. tech giants like Dell and HP.

This has directly resulted in partnerships with notable companies like IBM, NVIDIA, and LG for applications in end-user computing, terminal emulation, multimedia and much more.

IGEL boasts VMP as a major contributor
to their explosive growth

IGEL Technology continues to exclusively partner with Vibrant Media Productions for both video and photo production. We are honored to have worked around the world with IGEL on shoots in Orlando, Germany, Las Vegas, Anaheim, Santa Clara, Atlanta and San Francisco.

As with IGEL Technology, we look forward to a to building a continuing and mutually beneficial partnership with companies like yours. But don’t just take our word for it…

Let Jeff Feige of IGEL explain his experience working with us.

Vibrant Media Productions is an outstanding example of how a business should be run. Do what they say, say what they do. Flexible, friendly, compassionate, understanding, and patient are just a few ways to describe each member of the Vibrant team.

During an unforeseen challenge in the middle of a seemingly normal project, the Vibrant team performed with the utmost professionalism and found creative solutions to our ever-changing issues. The quality of the final product is second to none and towers above the competition. A true first-class experience.”

Vibrant Media Productions Orlando Video Production Testimonial

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