The Video Game: Why Videos Are the Ultimate Marketing Tool

In 2018, it’s all about video content marketing when it comes to making your business a successful one. Drop the other tools and start investing in Orlando Video Production.

If you’ve visited a social media network recently, you likely noticed how many videos there were.

Video is a popular content format. In fact, it’s so popular that Cisco estimates that by 2021, 17,000 hours of video will cross the network each second.

Marketers started creating more video content when they realized how much potential and existing customers engaged with video. Video content marketing is also incredibly versatile. You can use it to explain a product, entertain an audience, or tell a story.

In this article, we’ll explain all the reasons why you need to adopt video content marketing into your strategy today.

Video Has Amazing ROI

When you do video right, you’re guaranteed to see it pay off.

Using video boosts your conversion rate and sales. One study found that businesses that use video can grow their revenue 49% faster than those without video. This can vary based on the type of business.

Easy to Measure

Video content marketing is easy to measure in a few ways.

Through in-video analytics, you can determine how long someone was engaged with your video and where they stopped watching. Knowing these data points can help you develop better videos in the future.

Streaming live videos on Facebook also gives you rich information. You can see which parts of the video had the most viewers and most engagement.

Just like other posts you share on social media, you can measure how many likes, shares, and views your video received on each platform.

Let Customer Testimonials Shine

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful sales tools you have. Seventy percent of people will trust a review someone posted online.

Those customer testimonials become even more convincing when you adapt them to your Orlando video marketing strategy.

While customer testimonials in text – either a quote on your landing page or a case study – have their place, you can turn customers into advocates through video. In a video, your customer can explain how your company solved their problems without losing the enthusiasm behind the testimonial.

Video testimonials are a great way to show your potential customers how well you’ve performed in the past. Check out this short testimonial video from one of our clients (IGEL Technology) that we recorded while on a shoot in Germany. Link to testimonial video.

Build Trust Through Video

Not all videos need to be sales videos.

Telling your company story through video helps build trust with your customers. You’re able to explain the mission of your business, your backstory, and show off your brand’s personality.

Customer testimonial videos and product videos can also foster trust in your potential customers. Product videos show customers that a product works and gives them a vote of confidence before purchasing.

Capture a Mobile Audience

Did you know over 50% of videos are viewed on a mobile device?

Video is no longer exclusively for desktop. With more videos being produced in portrait or square format, more people are engaging with videos on their smartphones.

A large amount of video content is consumed on social media channels. Those viewers are likely to engage with videos for longer and are also more likely to watch ads displayed during videos.

This attention to mobile over desktop or TV comes from the fact that many people, mostly millennials, view their mobile screen as their primary screen. If your target audience includes millennials, you should produce mobile-optimized videos.

Video Appears in Search Results

When you embed a video on your website, you’re more likely to appear farther up the search results page in organic searches.

Well-crafted videos have high engagement which extends a user’s session on your website. Longer sessions signal to Google you have great content on your website which gives you a boost in SEO rankings.

However, you can’t just put a video on your website and hope for the best. You need to optimize your video for search engines including giving it an SEO title and description. Those optimization tactics help Google find your video more easily.

Easily Explain Something

Video content marketing can fill in the gaps where words can’t. This is particularly true for product videos.

Whether you sell a small kitchen appliance or an enterprise software solution, a product video can show how the product works.

In the case of the appliance, you can show all the product’s functionalities and how it stands up to heavy-duty tasks. For the software solution, you can give a guided walkthrough of setting up the system or an in-depth tutorial on how one functionality works.

When you create high-quality product videos, you also gain a competitive advantage over your top competitors who might not have video.

Capture the Laziest of Customers

Whether your customers are lazy or busy, video gives them a new way to learn about your product without having to read anything. In most cases, these types of customers would rather watch a 90-second video about a product than read a whole page of product copy.

Creating a video that tells you about your company and gives a quick demo of a product can capture many more potential customers than website copy alone could ever do.

Video Content Marketing Is the Way Forward

Video content marketing is a versatile tool that every business should have in their marketing toolbelt.

With video, you can trigger emotions, create awareness, build a brand, explain a product, and close a sale.

What’s important to remember is a single video won’t do all these things. Each video should serve a specific purpose rather than try to cover all these bases.

To get started with creating videos for your business, get in touch with us today.

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