VMP Interview Process

Video interviews express information in a way that no email or white paper ever could. The genuine and candid nature that these one-on-one interviews convey often resonates with the viewer on a personal level. Whether it’s for a client testimonial or a CEO’s internal or external messaging campaign, a video interview is an extremely powerful tool you should have in your marketing toolkit.

Often, however, the interview’s subject may be hesitant to appear on camera. Public-speaking anxieties, nervousness, and increased perspiration are common obstacles one must overcome. When an individual is the focal point of camera, lighting, and audio equipment, these challenges may seem insurmountable. Fears of stumbling over one’s words or saying something foolish rise exponentially, especially when the interviewee knows his or her every word and action is being recorded.

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So How Do You Quell Interview Fears? 

The solution to this all-too-common stage-fright problem is actually quite simple. Moreover, this method is so effective that even the most camera-shy person will look forward to their next interview! For us, what has proven to be the best strategy to getting the subject to relax and open up is taking a “less business, more conversation” approach to the interview. Speaking with an interviewee as one would a friend has shown, time and again, to relieve the anxieties and pressures often associated with speaking publicly.

What Sets the VMP Interview Process Apart from Others

Companies who work with us have told us that our interviews are personable, and that during the interview, we’re able to extract “everything they have to give” from whoever is in front of the camera. In addition, those we interview are extremely happy to have gone through the process, even if they displayed pre-interview jitters.

Catapult CEO Interview

Before the interview, we send a list of questions along with interciew tips/suggestions that the subject can use for preparation. This list will have both generalized questions, and also customized prompts specific to the company or individual being interviewed.  This personalized approach helps the subject know what to expect, and often times will lead to a follow-up interview.

Client Testimonial – Armin Fink (CEO of Fath Components, Inc.)