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A Catapult Print Case Study

Catapult Print is an Orlando-based printing and labeling company. They specialize in three specific areas of the printing process, which include: self-adhesive labels; narrow web films; and linerless labels. Using the latest technology, they create unrivaled labels to help their clients drive profit while also minimizing cost.

The quality of their work far surpasses what one would expect to see from a standard printing and labeling company, let alone a startup. As such, the challenge for Catapult wasn’t improving the quality of their product, but rather building awareness of it.

Showcasing the exceptional print quality
of Catapult’s labels was paramount

Catapult tasked Vibrant Media Productions with creating a series of market-specific photos and videos. These short, hyper-focused videos served to magnify Catapult’s print quality, convey the value of their product to their consumer, and reinforce the company’s credibility. 

Showcasing the exceptional print quality of Catapult’s labels was paramount. To amplify this message, VMP created stunning visuals of Catapult’s labels interwoven with imagery of their competitors’ prints. This juxtaposition made the superiority of their product incredibly clear. The clarity and richness of Catapult’s prints was highlighted by our dynamic visual presentation.

Catapult – Company Overview Video

“The VMP team has been truly excellent to work with. They had quality content turned very quickly and their style fit our brand perfectly. We are so happy with the way everything turned out and will definitely continue to work with Vibrant Media Productions in the future!”

Video Testimonial Interview from Charlie

To add personality to the videos, we employed a multifaceted strategy. First, we recorded on-site interviews of Catapult’s staff members. They spoke candidly about their experience working at Catapult and reaffirmed their belief in not just the products they supply, but also the company and its leadership. These honest discussions from Catapult’s team helped connect the viewer to the company on a more personal level.

“Working with Vibrant on the content and production has been our stratagey since day one. We had our own initial ideas on how we wanted everything to look, and they took it to a higher level than we even thought possible. We took a collaborative approach with VMP and our expectations have been greatly exceeded.”

Video Testimonial Interview from Mark

Catapult’s brand has grown stronger, their message has become more resonant, and their clientele is now more informed

VMP also filmed and edited a facility tour hosted by Catapult CEO, Mark Cook. Mark took us through the 56,000 square-foot space and detailed the operations of each piece of equipment.

We sheared this extensive tour down to a video that runs just over 3 minutes in length while still maintaining its significant features.

Let Mark Cook, CEO of Catapult Printing, explain his experience working with us.

In post-production, we were able to transform this enormous space filled with large machinery into a customer-oriented series of videos. As a result, Catapult’s brand has grown stronger, their message has become more resonant, and their clientele is now more informed of the advantages of Catapult’s products and processes provide. 

CEO Mark Cook was so pleased with the process that he generously described his experience working with us in a testimonial interview.

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