Product Video Production

What Goes into a Great Product Video?

Successful product videos all incorporate some of the same principals. By providing context, cinematic visuals, compelling stories, catering to a specific demographic and with a little personality, any product video can be truly great. Let’s take a deeper look into what goes into a successful product video campaign.

Product Video Provide Context

When it comes to product video production, informing the audience about the details and uses of the product is key. The number one priority should always be to highlight the main benefits of the product so that the target audience frames it as something that can help them and has a place in their lives. What that means is that a product video should show a relatable and real-life scenario in which someone might need or use the product. That way, the video will have no problem effortlessly achieving its aim.

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Show And Tell

A product video can be flashy, artistic, fancy and creative. In fact, that may appeal to a large part of the audience. However, that should not overshadow the product. Viewers always need to know what you are selling. If they’re confused about what the product is, they might not be keen on becoming customers. On the other hand, merging both artistry and clearly-defined concept together ensures that the audience gets the perfect blend of a video they want to watch and certainty about a specific product.

Product Videos Help Tell A Story

When people are looking at a product video, they want to know the technical aspects of the product just as much as they want to know the people behind it. A great product video not only talks about what you’re selling but about your brand as well.

After showing customers why your product is worth buying, it should show why buying from you is a good decision. That can be done by positioning you as a caring business, the top performer in your industry or even a growing business that’s taking the industry by storm. Whatever your story is, it can be the deciding factor in whether or not your audience decides to buy from you.

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Giving your story an emotional or inspiring context is a good way to give your product video more resonance. It can help customers feel that they are not just buying your product, but they’re also becoming part of that story. That can be an excellent motivator for them to not only buy from you now but to remain loyal to your brand and spread the word about it.